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Safety Note

1. Information and services are provided by people. Sometimes it may be false. Therefore
when you will deal with any person for any dealing or getting services from them, you
should analyze those details clearly and then you will deal or get services from them. We are
not responsible for all. Therefore you should verify first and then deal them.
2. When you are going to post advertisements or provide services and so on in, you should create user account in Then only you can
post you advertisement or any other messages.
3. Keep in mind, you should not provide your personal information when anyone requesting
your personal details by email.
4. does not show your personal details to others. It ensures its users privacy
5. You can post your advertisements, offers and messages freely.
6. Safety is very important when you are going to deal with others to get services or selling or
buying thing and so on. Do not pay any payment before you are receiving an item directly.
7. Especially you should verify quality of items, services and prices. We are not responsible for
8. Don’t misused bank account details, eBay / pay pal info and any other money transfer ways.
9. You should avoid online payments.
10. never offer any special scheme regarding payment and services. So
when you will receive such kind of email or messages from anyone you should ignore that.

11. You must avoid fake fee requests.
12. When you feel that you have been cheated by someone, you should inform us immediately.
13. Please don’t misuse for your personal needs and don’t cheat others